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Ron Brown Scholarships
The award: 10,000 for 10 to 20 students. It's renewable. Academic merit, leadership, community service, all fields. The deadline is unusually in January. This is one of most prestigious scholarships and it's very, very competitive. Details at site.
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship
The award: $6,000 per year. Number of winners about 100. It's renewable. Academic merit, leadership, community service, all fields. Deadline is usually in April. Detail see site.
Project Excellence Scholarships
The award: $4,000 or higher (to full tuition). Number of winners: at
least 600. Academic merit, leadership, community service, all fields. Deadline: Feb. 1. Details at site.
United College Fund Scholarships
The UNCF is one of our major scholarship gateways. The awards are of varying amounts, and there are a great many under different names and requirements Grandmet, Duracell, for example). The deadline is usually December. Details at site.
Kodak Scholarships---Go
The award: varying amounts to $5,000.Number of awards: Varies. For those studying in film/cinematography at U.S. colleges. Details at site
Intel Science Talent Search---Go to:
The award is from $5,000 to $100,000.There are approx. 40 awards in this prestigious competition. You must present a scientific research project. Deadline: December. Details at site.
NACME Scholarships---(National Action Council For Minorities in
Engineering. The award amounts to $20,000, and many are awarded. This is our major engineering scholarship gateway. You must be an engineering student. The deadline is usually in February. Go to the website for details, or contact from aid officials at your college.
Gates Millennium Scholarships---Go
The Gates Millennium Scholarship is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for thousands of outstanding students with significant financial need. The scholarship will cover room, board and tuition for at least 1,000 high school students a year. Nomination material for 2002-2003 will be available November 2001. Go to website for details. Deadline: March 15.
NSBE Scholarships---(National Society of Black Engineers). Go to:
.Award amount: Generally range from $1,500 to $3,000 for members of NSBE. Number of awards varies. This is primarily for engineering students, and others majoring in related disciplines. Deadlines vary. Details at website.
Ambassadorial Scholarships
This is theprestigious "rotary" organization scholarship for students who can speak another language and want to study abroad in the "host" country of that language. Award amounts are from $10,000 to $23,000 for a 3 month to full year of study abroad. You should have completed at least 2 years of college work.
American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships (AICPA). For undergraduates studying accounting at a U.S. college with at least 30 credits completed. Awards up to $5,000 with about 300 winners annually Deadline is in July. Go to website for GPA requirements and details. Xerox Technology Minority Scholarship type in "Scholarship"in the search
engine. This is a good scholarship for strong minority scholarships for students studying in areas like chemistry, engineering, physics, and "tech" areas. The award amount is up to $4,000 for undergraduates and more for graduate students. The deadline is Sept. 15. Go to web location
for details.
Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarships
This is a major competition with hundreds of over 250 awards going to "scholars,"with academic, leadership, and talent qualities. The award amount is from $4,000 to $20,000. You can apply on-line. The deadline is October 31.
NCAA Scholarships--(National Collegiate Athletic Association) - This is the major NCAA sports association student-athletes are associated with. Awards are given in all sports categories,amounts from $3,000 to $12,500. Awards are also available for sports related study(like sports journalism). Deadlines vary, as do the number of awards each year.
Ronald McDonald House Charities and the United Negro College Fund. - Students must be studying at a HBCU which is a member of the UNCF. The award is from $1,000 to full tuition. Approx.60 students are selected. The deadline is April 1. Go to website for details. Society of Women Engineer Scholarships These scholarships are targeted for women who are majoring in engineering or computer science. Award amount are from $200 to $5,000, and at least 90 are granted. The deadline for students already in college is February 1st but is May 15 for high school seniors entering an "accredited"program.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarships- The above link is to the Chicago headquarters and that gateway of scholarships. Note that there are over 700 AKA Chapters, and you would be wise to contact sorors at local locations. Scholarship opportunities abound. The deadline at AKA headquarters is Feb. 15. Applications at the website must be sent between Dec. 1st and January 30th each year. Editor's note: all of our Greeks (listed in our BlackExcel college guide) offer scholarships, and you should tap your local chapters. Harry S. Truman Scholarship-Go to:
The is one of the most prestigious scholarships, shaped for students who intend to pursue a career targeted to public service or government. Graduate study should be a goal, with a portion of the funds directed there. You> must be at least a junior, and your college must nominate you. A "nomination" package must be created. The awards can reach as high as $30,000 over the years. Generally about 80 students are selected. The deadline is February 1st. Go to website for details.

Arts Recognition And Talent Search Awards - These awards are granted to high school or college students (17, 18 years of age) who show talent in dance, voice, music, art, photography, jazz, visual arts, writing, or other creative areas. You must audition or submit a portfolio or tape. The award is to be used for freshman year in college. Award amounts from $100 to $3,000. Deadline is June 1, or April 1 (for registration in specific regions).

National Association of Black Journalists - NABJ offers 10 scholarships. It's a $2,500 award. Students should be attending a four-yearUniversity. They must present three letters of recommendation from a school adviser, dean or a faculty member. Also, a 500-800 word article on a Black journalist must be presented. A gradepoint average of 3.0 is desirable. Eligible students must be majoring in journalism-print, photography, radio or television. One of those should be a career goal. Deadline is March 31. Go to website for details.

American Institute of Architects Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship
Go to: This is a scholarship for minority students enrolling in architecture programs. Awards are from $500 to $3,000. Generally 20 students are selected. Deadline is December 6. Go to website for details.

Wal-Mart Scholarships New 2006 Scholarship Opportunities Only available the week of November 1st to January 20th! Scholarship Amount: 1,000-10,000
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